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EVB offers bedding in three sizes: 1) whole pellet, 2) crumbled and 3) small crumbled. No other competitor does this. EVB customers can purchase the same superior bedding in a form that best suits their needs.

Elkhorn Valley Animal Bedding

Elkhorn Valley Animal Bedding website
In animal bedding, quality is everything. At Elkhorn Valley Bedding (EVB), we start with clean, kiln dried softwood (predominately pine) with no bark or dirt. The wood is ground into a meal then pelletized to increase density. The pellets are then cooled and screened to remove fines before bagging.

The small particle size of the wood greatly increases the surface area of the bedding giving it superior absorbent characteristics. EVB bedding is able to hold up to three times its weight in water. EVB bedding suppresses odors, makes cleanup easy and doesn’t stick to coats. And because we start with clean, kiln dried wood and pelletize it at temperatures in excess of 200 F, the bedding is virtually sterilized ensuring the best environment for animal health.


Pitmaster Selectâ„¢ smoking pellets work in most types of outdoor grills and smokers!

Pitmaster Select Smoking Pellets Website
Our smoking pellets may be used in any quality-built pellet grills, as well as conventional charcoal, gas or electric grills and smokers. We fully stand behind our products! We believe the consumer should have the choice to use the product they feel is best, and not be strong-armed or misled by any grill manufacturer who forces the exclusive use of their brand of pellets.